The Benefits of a School Garden

There’s no doubt that everyone loves a beautifully landscaped outdoor area. When a home has a well-made, maintained garden is impressive, to say the least. When a school has a garden, there are a plethora of benefits for staff and students alike. Here are some of the top reasons school campuses should incorporate a garden with quality plantlife and greenery.

1. A Connection to Nature

When a school garden is installed on a property, it provides students at that school with a greater connection to nature. Too often, students end up in classrooms for continuous hours and they have no real connection to nature.

When a school garden is placed on-campus, it provides students with an opportunity to reconnect with nature. A number of scientists are beginning to hypothesize the effects of nature on children and young adults. In short, it is believed that it can reduce symptoms of ADHD and anxiety. When people have a connection to nature, they will have a greater appreciation for it and they’ll be more likely to spend time outside.

2. A Better Attention Span

When children and young adults are given mobile devices to play on during their breaks, it can affect their attention span. That’s because they’ll be thinking about their social media accounts during the day instead of focusing on their school work.

When the same people are exposed to a garden on their breaks, this can help to form a detachment between their mobile devices and school. If they aren’t checking their phone every ten minutes because they’re grounded in the garden, it can improve their concentration.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Finding the right plant options a large-scale educational setting is important. We already talked about this a little bit, but having a school garden can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your school. This will benefit you in a few different ways. For one thing, students are more likely to go to a school that they feel comfortable in. Without a garden, some schools can look dry and rigid. A garden adds beauty that can cause students to want to attend.

You can also recruit new students with a garden. When you have a school that is visually appealing, you’re more likely to have parents sign their children up for your school. If you compare a school with no garden to a school with a garden, and if they’re equal in every other sense, you’ll get more recruitments than the other school.

4. Agriculture

You can have vegetable or fruit plants planted. You can have students maintain the garden so that they have a greater appreciation for their own food. Not only this, but you can send some of the harvests home with students to reduce poverty and malnutrition. If not, then you can use the food in your own kitchen. This will reduce the amount of money you use to buy groceries in the cafeteria and as such, you should seriously consider installing a garden in your yard.


Gardens are appealing to all homeowners, however, they aren’t commonly discussed in relation to schools. School gardens can benefit the overall atmosphere and function of schools. Whether it’s for the overall aesthetic appeal or for the benefit to the students, the discussion about incorporating wildlife into the education system is growing. To organise the right plants and greenery for a school garden, contact our team of experts at TJ Wholesale Plants today,


A Guide to Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees are grown and cultivated for their aesthetic appeal, with their beautiful colours, interesting shapes and sizes and unique characteristics, they are a great stand out addition to any garden or landscape design.

These do require a level of care and attention. At TJ’S Wholesale Plants, our nursery includes a large variety of Ornamental Trees, Hedging plants and other various varieties of Plants to suit all of your needs. We specialise in large quantity orders, so we always ensure all our plants are looking their absolute best. Below is our short guide on Ornamental Trees.

Buying Your Ornamental Trees

When you’re buying all of  your plants, you should buy them from a registered Nursery. This way you can ensure that you are being given the correct advice from a professional nursery person for the plants you are purchasing!

Bare-Rooted Trees

Bare rooted Trees are distinguishable because they’re bought from the Nursery without having any soil over the roots and are not potted. If you’re interested in these Trees, you should know that they will be readily available to you over the cooler months of the year and a Nursery will stock the most variety throughout Winter.

Container-Grown Trees

The advantage of buying container grown Trees is that they are grown in pots to protect their roots while they’re in production. If you want to plant these Trees successfully, you should do so in Autumn, Winter or Spring. As long as there is some cool weather you’re fine to plant away!


With so many different kinds of Ornamental Trees out there; choosing the right ones to adorn your home or workplace, or simply just knowing where to start can be challenging. This is especially true if you’re considering them for a larger development or a commercial property. For more information about Ornamental Trees or any other plant related queries, talk to the experts at TJ’S Wholesale Plants or visit our growing wholesale Nursery today.


A Guide to Hedging Plants

Decorative, lush hedges are a great way to improve the look of your landscaping and garden overall look of your property. At TJ’S Wholesale Plants, we know that your commercial or residential outdoor areas need to be the best they can be in order to enhance your property. That’s why we not only provide our customers with high quality plants that are fresh and beautiful but we’ll also offer the right guidance so that you can maintain them.

Below we’re going to profile Pittosporums, Conifers, and Ornamental Trees - some of our popular hedging plants. We’re going to discuss what each of these plants are and how they can benefit your garden and the maintenance involved to care for them.

All About Pittosporums

These are great hedging plant for people who want to have a ‘sheer curtain’ in their landscape. These hedging plants can provide ample privacy for properties. You’ll also find that these plants can provide you with a lot of options because there are several varieties of Pittosporums available.

Many commercial businesses will use these hedging plants because they are low maintenance and are easy to hedge and shape.

If you’re thinking of using these plants, you should make sure that they are being planted in a part sun / part shade area. The soil you place them in should also be able to drain well.

Pittosporums are a great quick growing hedging plant and under the right conditions, these plants will grow to provide the perfect fence alternative. They are specifically known for their rapid growth!

All About Conifers

Because there are many different Conifer species, you can choose which plant suits your property based on your preferences. If you’re looking to have a large and tall hedge, Conifers can grow exceptionally quickly.

If you’re going to prune your Conifer hedge, you need to be wary of how much you’re pruning. You’re best to start with what is called “tip pruning” which simply means you are removing the tips of the plants at a slow pace as to not remove too much!

If you’re hesitant about pruning your plants, it’s always preferable to consult a professional Gardener or Landscaper to do your pruning for you.

All About Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees are, like their name suggests, known for being decorative. Depending on the tree variety that you choose, you can have flowers, a change in leaf colour throughout the Seasons and a beautiful Tree to look at all year round.

Depending on the type of tree you decide to buy, you can have some that are extremely low maintenance. This means you won’t have to hire anyone to take care of your tree and you won’t have to take care of it yourself.

The beauty of these Trees is that they will lose their leaves in Autumn, put on a beautiful display of flowers in Spring and then regrow their leaves in Summer.  These Trees are a beautiful choice for lining driveways, using as a feature tree or planting in groves. No matter what they are used for, they’re simply stunning!


Hedging plants are an excellent option for anyone who wants to have a property that provides security together with an aesthetic appeal for visitors. TJ’S Wholesale Plants are reliable supplies of a variety of hedging plants, including all of the above options, you can browse our plant gallery online. We are always happy to talk over your options with you, so if you are ready to start growing beautiful hedges or plant some Ornamental Trees, or have any questions get in touch with us today.